Khaki Tan  2X  3X

Snakeguardz Extra Big    



The manufacturer tests his snake guardz by walking through pits of poisonous diamondback rattlesnakes and has been struck over 1600 times but never bitten.

Extra Wide Snakeguardz

To Determine Size, Measure Calf at Largest Point.

XX-Large - 21-24 inch calf

XXX-Large - 24-27 inch calf

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 Tan Extra Wide Snake Guardz

2X and 3XL

Guaranteed Snake Bite Protection

Snake Proof Comfortable Leg Armor in Extra Wide

Hunters, Hikers, Campers, Fishermen, Ranchers, Surveyors, and Realtors

Extra Wide Snake Guardz Tan - $81.19  per pair  Total Price Includes Shipping